Appraisals for Insurance

Come to Jewellery Plus for Professional Appraisals, by a GIA trained Appraiser.
Jewellery Plus offers premium, independent jewellery appraisals either by appointment or as a drop off service. Our independent Certified Appraiser works onsite, in our fully secured premises so you can rest easy knowing your valuables are safe.

We offer appraisals for items purchased at Jewellery Plus as well as your own fine jewellery, coins or timepieces. Appraisals provide you with detailed information, images and valuation for your jewellery items. Jewellery that contains diamonds or gemstones will have detailed information sited on your appraisal.

Appraisal valuations are instrumental in scheduling your jewellery on insurance policies and also for peace of mind. As a partner in jewellery replacement through insurance companies, Jewellery Plus recommends having your jewellery appraised every five years to ensure accurate valuation.

For heirloom and collection appraisals, we provide ‘while you wait’ service by appointment.Appraisal equipment